Gameboy Emulator for Android

Guide on How to Play GBA Games on Your Android Device

Not everyone may know this but if you have an Android device, you can actually play just about any GBA game you like on your smartphone or tablet. And here’s the best part – you can download them for free when you get an emulator. The whole setup process is easy peasy, and here’s a guide that will walk you through step by step:


Step 1 – Download the Emulator

Once you’re at the Android, search for My Boy! Free Gameboy Advance emulator for Android. The app has a blue background and also has a GBA icon in white. It’s free to download although you have the option to go for the premium or paid version which comes with a lot more features like being able to save state within your gameplay. You can also choose other emulators like the Retro Game Boy and Advance, John GBA Lite, Gameboy Color AD and others.

The John GBA Lite is an excellent choice just like My Boy!. You can get GBA and other original GameBoy games when you go for the Retro Game Boy and Advance. Meanwhile, Gameboy Color AD will only work with Gameboy Color games.

Step 2 – Download GBA ROMs

Now that you have chosen (and downloaded) an emulator, you need to download the games so they can be loaded into your emulator. I recommend Gameboy Advance which has been around for sometime now and they always have the best range of games. You can search by genre, letter, rating, popularity and others. Just tap the game you want to play, then scroll down and you should see an option to tap Download Now.

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Step 3 – Load the GBA ROM

Go to your apps and load up the emulator. If you’re using My Boy! it will show the root directory of your tablet or smartphone, and from there tap “Download”, or navigate to where your default download directory is located. Once there, find your downloaded game. Doing so will also automatically load it into the emulator. After downloading the game, it will stay in that folder it is moved or deleted, so building a huge game collection should be easy enough.

Step 4 – Playing the GBA ROM

Playing is a great experience with the right emulator. You can hold your phone any way that is comfortable for you. You can hold it on the side and the screen will stretch side ways. If you hold it upright, the controls will get off the screen but your window will be a lot smaller. You can also check the settings to stretch the game screen or any other setting you like.

Custom layouts, input devices and key mapping are all available with options for customization. You can tinker around with these features. However, with the free version, the cheats can’t be fully utilized. So you’ll need to get the paid version for this.